Merced County announces reopening of regional parks on weekends

Beginning Saturday, April 24, Merced County’s regional parks will reopen to the public on weekends with COVID-19 precautions strongly encouraged.

While the parks have remained open on weekdays, they were closed on weekends during the height of the pandemic to discourage large group gatherings that could spread COVID-19. These parks include Lake Yosemite, Hagaman Park and Henderson Park.

Weekend entry to these parks is open to all who would like to visit, but social distancing is strongly encouraged. Guests are asked to maintain six feet of distance from others when outdoors or wear a mask if appropriate. Washing hands and other hygienic practices are also strongly encouraged.

Due to the size/capacity of outdoor reservation facilities, they will remain temporarily off limits until their capacity falls within State guidelines.

Entrance fees for park users are $6 per vehicle at Lake Yosemite, and an additional $6 per boat or jet ski. Henderson and Hagaman parks charge a daily $3 per vehicle entry fee. Annual Passes are available at Lake Yosemite, and because of COVID-19’s impact on park hours, the Board of Supervisors has extended the expiration date of 2020 annual passes to December 31, 2021. If you were a pass holder last year and your pass is no longer on your vehicle or boat, replacements can be purchased at the toll booth for $2 each. Replacements are only available for the same vehicle or boat that was issued a pass last year.

It is the park user’s responsibility to know park rules. These include, but are not limited to:
• No pets allowed in the park
• No amplified music
• Park hours (7:30 a.m. to 1 hour after sunset)
• Swimming in designated beach areas only

For more information regarding parks, please visit

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