Man found deceased inside trailer, near UC Merced

On May 23, 2019, at approximately 1:30 AM the Merced County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of East Yosemite Avenue and Lake Road for the report of an altercation.

Upon further investigation, deputies located a 50-year-old man dead inside a travel trailer behind a residence.

Sheriff Detectives are currently on scene and Lake Road has been closed between Yosemite Avenue and Atlantic Street while Detectives continue their investigation.

One thought on “Man found deceased inside trailer, near UC Merced

  1. Daisy Nunes June 12, 2019 at 8:04 AM

    The police find a man a cut up, dead in a trailer and yet there is no arrest? Merced Sun Star say it was a sword fight? Yet no arrests? Who was he sword fighting with? Who killed him? He deserves justice! His family deserves justice! Only in this town can a person get arrested for possessing dope, or for being under the influence of dope, or selling dope…. but not be arrested for murdering someone who is on dope while being under the influence of dope! Yes, i said that! Shame on you Merced Police department! Residents are sure to sleep better tonight! What this story should have read was “Merced longtime resident gets murdered by a squatter with a sword at an abandoned house on the corner of Yosemite Ave and Lake Rd. over an argument about a small amount of money owed! So tell me, how much was Jimmy De Bolts life really worth?

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