New information regarding Ethan Morse, released today

Atwater Police released new information today regarding the Murder of Ethan Morse. Detectives have learned that the suspect, Hispanic Male with dark glasses was not wearing a black T-shirt and tan pants, he was wearing a blue T-shirt and red pants.

According to Atwater Police Ethan Morse was in the area to drop off his child for daycare. The suspect was familiar with the area, and that location in particular, as he was aware of surveillance cameras in the area. , “The suspect did not appear to be in a hurry to get out of the area after the shooting” chief Salvador said.

Police believe the suspect is still in the area. Atwater police are being aided in this investigation by the California Department of Justice Fresno task force, California Department of Justice Merced county task force. Atwater Police will release a photo of the suspect later this week.

Atwater Police is receiving Legal consultation from the District Attorney’s office, although they expect the office to recuse itself once an arrest is made.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Atwater Police at 209-357-6396, Atwater Police investigations at 209-357-6384, the Merced area crime stoppers at 855-725-2420 or via text at 247637 followed by the word Merced and your information.

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