Merced police arrest man for kidnapping and carjacking, police say he had a firearm

Merced Police say they arrested 22-year-old Andrew Derose on kidnapping & carjacking charges.

Officer Barroso responded to 2030 G Street on Wednesday at around 3:49 p.m., for a report of a person brandishing a firearm.

When the officer arrived, he discovered that a kidnapping by force also took place. While the victim was being interviewed, the suspect, Derose walked out of an alleyway with a gun and carjacked a vehicle.

Officers made a traffic stop and took Derose into custody, officers were able to locate the gun.

Derose is an active gang member and on parole. He was booked at Merced County Jail on kidnapping and carjacking charges.

Merced Police are asking anyone with any information regarding this crime to contact Officer Barroso at 209-388-7754 or by email at

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