Darryl Turner, was released from custody today, May 16, 2018, by Judge Shaver, over the strenuous objections of Deputy District Attorney Donna Bakich. Darryl Turner is charged with one felony count of cruelty to an animal, a misdemeanor vandalism and resisting arrest.

Turner was arrested May 7, 2018 after his mother called 911. According to his sister, Turner picked up a cage containing three German Sheppard puppies and threw the cage against the wall. The witness said the puppies cried out in pain as they hit the wall and fell to the floor.

Turner then grabbed his sister’s grown male German Sheppard by the collar and lifted it into the air, strangling it. She tried to take the dog away from him but he lifted it even further in the air. She reported she could hear the dog gasping for air and gurgling. When Turner heard his mother calling 911, he dropped the dog and ran out the door.

Turner was found by responding Deputies some distance from the house. When they tried to arrest him he resisted by trying to fight them. One Deputy was forced to use his Taser but the Taser had no effect. Deputies were finally able to control him.

In addition to felony cruelty to animals, Turner is also charged with a serious or violent prior conviction, Terrorist threats, from 2012. As a result, he is facing six years in prison if convicted. “Turner should have never been released from custody by the court. He is violent and society is not safe while he is out of custody. Anyone who is comfortable violently abusing animals is a serious threat”, according the Chief Deputy District Attorney Harold Nutt.

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