14-year-old boy goes missing in Mariposa County

Per Mariposa Sheriffs

The Sheriff’s Office along with Search and Rescue, K9’s, Boating Deputies and CHP aircraft are actively searching for a missing at-risk child.

Braden is 14-years-old and wears a project lifesaver bracelet. The Project Livesaver (PLS) Program is a service provided to those with Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia who have a tendency to wander away from their caregiver or residence and become lost.

Each person enrolled in the system is issued a wrist watch type device that emits radio signals that allow for tracking capabilities up to four miles, terrain permitting.

Braden was reported missing at 2:30 pm today in a very remote area of Mariposa County near Hunters Valley and Lake McClure. The terrain is very rough with extremely thick brush. Search teams are currently tracking the pings on bracelet.

Braden was last seen wearing red pants, red shoes, black hat and a black shirt.

We do ask that the general public not attempt to search for Braden due to the remote area, lack of communication abilities and the rough terrain.

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