Popular Kewl Cats Bar and Karaoke business up for sale

Merced Popular Kewl Cats Bar and Karaoke
located at 1111 Motel Drive appears to have officially closed their doors for good.

The Bar is up for sale according to the Gonella Realty website.

According to the Kewl Cats website, the business also provided room for alternative events such as dance parties, art events, spoken word, fundraisers, variety shows, screenings, and other community-oriented

The following story about the location is posted on their website:

The location was originally built by James Moomjean in 1970. Mr. Moomjean opened the location as “Sir James”, a restaurant/lounge and operated the location until the business was sold to the Mussottos in 1989. They operated the location as a restaurant bar for a number of years and built up a great clientele through Karaoke and DJ/dancing. Sir James closed at the end of 2011.

Loren James, a local Merced resident, reopened the location as “Kewl Cats” in August 2013. Loren has experience in the food industry as well as operating a Karaoke business for the 4 years leading up to Kewl Cats opening. His vision has always been to have a place that regular folks can go to relax, escape life’s ever-growing stresses for an hour or two when needed.

Loren is passionate about not only operating the finest karaoke bar in the Central Valley but is dedicated to a nightclub environment on weekends by having a great DJ on Friday nights as well as live bands on Saturdays! Come in and check out the place, chances are there is someone there that has lived some of the histories over the last 43 years.

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