Merced Pocket 8’s Sushi and Grill will close forever, this is what the owner said

Jerry Yang, the owner of Merced Pocket 8’s Sushi and Grill in Merced, will be closing his business located at 9 West Alexander Avenue in Merced.

The last day of business will be September 26th, 2019.

This is the new name of the new location in Fresno

Jerry is currently working on opening a new restaurant in Fresno, Shobu Japanese Cuisine Will be located at 6640 North Blackstone Avenue in Fresno.

“It is time to work closer to home, that’s the reason I’m closing the Merced location, i will miss the Merced community, i appreciate all the years they supported me, i hope to see everyone in our Fresno location”, Jerry said.

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8 thoughts on “Merced Pocket 8’s Sushi and Grill will close forever, this is what the owner said

  1. Ah-ha!!! Another Merced County Victim of HIGH PRICE to LOW INCOME ratio. This place was OVERRATED any way. Service WAS horrible. Overpriced Cuisine. Teppenyakki…. overrated! #nothing lasts in MERCED

  2. Only if people knows how he treats his employees. He harasses them, trying to recite labor laws when he is clearly wrong. He even lets minor serve alcohol. And no he does not spend 7 days a week 15 to 16 hour there. He spends more time away in Vegas on poker tournaments. He pays his employees when he feels like it, he makes up excuses on why they will not be paid on the exact same day bi-weekly. He knew about this move last month, only told the employees he wanted to take. Which is the chefs and told them to hush. It’s a good thing he’s closing down because he hasn’t been caught for all the wrongs he doing as a business owner. Karma!!! Fresno County is bigger so better do it right cuz the next person will speak up.