New business opens in Merced, check out their menu here

Teriyaki Dōn opened in Merced on September 5th, 2019 according to a Facebook post.

The new location in Merced is located at 755 East Yosemite Avenue Suite H in the Promenade Center.

Teriyaki Dōn has been serving in Fresno for 19-years according to the Merced Manager Maijer, we decided to expand to Merced, we also offer 15% discounts to College and UC Merced students.

Teriyaki Dōn’s menu offers over forty items, including Teriyaki Burgers and Sandwiches.

The new Merced location is open Monday-Sunday 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

According to their website, Teriyaki Dōn is proud to combine the finest, fastest and freshest Japanese cuisine in the Central Valley, everything is made by hand and ingredients are of the highest quality and health standards, each item is cooked to order.

Teriyaki Dōn is committed to quality and friendly service.

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4 thoughts on “New business opens in Merced, check out their menu here

  1. I really wish this article had more to it. This is so tiny and non-informative. Though I appreciate that it contains truth and not any fiction (AKA: “Fake news” or Yellow Journalism).

  2. The reality of it is, NOTHING LASTS IN MERCED. MERCED COUNTY in one of the poorest in the State and STILL, these NEW businesses have insufficient knowledge to sell their TOP DOLLAR items in and around the area because its simply after a while, it’s unaffordable. The area is nice, but BobCat Diner had fell victim of location/advertising /pricing. Hopefully this place doesn’t become another victim of the problem that Merced has had for so many years.

  3. The problem with Merced is there are No good paying jobs in Merced.How can we support new business in Merced, when we don’t have the jobs for people to help new business stay in business.A Win Co would. have got around 100 or more good paying jobs.And That Was Mart disturbed Center your talking a few 100.Sounds like the good old boys still have a say in what comes to Merced