Man found Deceased inside North Merced Home, his truck is missing

Merced, CA- Merced police and the crime scene unit are at the intersections of Bixby Way and Revelle Drive investigating the second homicide in Merced on Friday. Merced Police responded to the area around 6:15 p.m. after a call was placed by an employee who went to the home to check on the man after he did not show up to work.

The employee noticed forced entry into the home and called Merced Police, when officers arrived they went inside the home and located a white 50-year-old man deceased in the bedroom. Merced police said this case does not appear to be related to the homicide case in South Merced earlier in the day.

Merced police described the home on Revelle Drive “very clean” and nothing inside the home appeared to be stolen. Police did say, a silver 2017 Chevrolet 4-door crew cab with license plate number 42634C2 is missing from the home of the victim.

The coroner is on scene trying to get an approximate time of death of the man. Merced police have looked into several blocks in the area for any possible video that may have captured anything, at this time they have not been able to obtain any video.

The neighborhood area is mostly UC Merced students, police are asking to please look into your Ring Door Bell cameras. If you have any information, please contact the Merced Police department at (209)385-8836

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