Institute Of Technology teacher and students help Modesto Homeless

Ms. Megan teaches a nursing class at The Institute Of Technology in Modesto California.

Megan made arrangements to go to “Tent City”, a homeless encampment located under the 9th street bridge in Modesto.

She decided to go with her entire class after seeing an article in the news regarding the many children sleeping within the encampment.

Ms. Megan and her students spent about a week gathering donations for everyone at the homeless encampment.

The following is just some of the donations made that day, clothing, for men, woman and children, shoes, undergarments, food, hygiene, water, toys, and more.

“It touched our hearts to see so many of them out in the heat, I try to instill my students to have empathy and compassion and never judge, as the medical field has definitely become a profession of judgment and mishap”, Megan said.

According to Megan, medical professionals tend to pass judgment and provide less quality care to the less fortunate, I want to be that change at the Institute Of Technology.

Ms. Megan spends most of her time volunteering with her class.

It was definitely a humbling experience for Ms. Megan and her class, She said the residents all showed appreciation to the students.

“I hope this helps encourage others to volunteer and do something better in their community”, Megan said.

One thought on “Institute Of Technology teacher and students help Modesto Homeless

  1. Rebecca Hough July 11, 2019 at 2:33 PM

    Ms Megan is one of many awesome instructors here at Institute of Technology. Our goal for our students is to give them the knowledge, skills, training, and some experience so they can transition into the workforce quickly. Thank you to all the students that showed empathy and compassion for our fellow man/woman/child, you will all be excellent Medical Assistants

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