Hikers find body remains of man missing from 2018 during storm that washedout part of highway

John Honesto 67 of Don Pedro was reported missing during the March floods of 2018. On Thursday, March 22nd Mr. Honesto was last seen as he left the Coulterville area to return to his home in the Lake Don Pedro area. John’s normal route home would take him down Hwy 132 where a large highway washout occurred during the storm.

It appears through investigation in 2018 that Mr. Honesto crossed the flooded / washed out section of Hwy 132 at the piney creek culvert.

On Friday, March 23 2018, Mariposa Sheriff’s Deputies searching for Mr. Honesto located his destroyed vehicle over one mile downstream from Hwy 132 from the washout. However, Mr. Honesto was not inside. Sheriff’s Office search teams, supported by surrounding cities & state agencies, have search for John non-stop day and night.

On January 31,2021 hikers in the area of Piney Creek located a body in the mud. Mariposa County Sheriff’s Deputies recovered the remains and transported them to the Coroner’s Office.
Mr. Honesto was identified using dental records. Mr. Honesto has been returned to his family; we are thankful they are finally able to have closure.

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