Ethan Morse, victim of Atwater Shooting today

Former Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse II son 22-year-old Ethan Morse has been identified by multiple sources as the victim in a shooting that occurred in Atwater, it happened early this morning at the intersections of Fir Avenue and Winton Way. Ethan died upon arrival at the hospital.

Our hearts are with the Morse family.

Stay tuned with Merced Gateway news for more information when it becomes available.

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11 thoughts on “Ethan Morse, victim of Atwater Shooting today

    1. He didn’t do anything to nobody. Stop playing fucking telephone. I hope it’s your best friend who gets shot tomorrow and somebody says, he deserved it that’s what he gets for knowing such an if orant bitch.

        1. both you sound in love lol. i agree with both of you. maybe he did deserve it or maybe he didnt. maybe a girl set him up or maybe an affair with some1. Only time will tell when facts and truth come out. but 1 thing i do believe is now his kids have no father. thats the real problem. hopefully they were safe when this unfolded

  1. Maybe he should have stopped shooting people and this wouldn’t have happened. There are consequences for a person’s actions. And if justice doesn’t take care of what it’s supposed to then the streets always will sadly… Its ashamed that young people have had to lose their lives all because someone couldnt face the consequences of their own actions… Maybe if he would have been held accountable for What he had done then he would still be alive….

  2. To lose a child is hard enough to natural causes, and to lose one in this manner, is one of the worse pains a mother and father can suffer. So I hope all who have something bad to say will hold it for a little while and let this family grieve in peace from mad angury comments. May God console them.

  3. Were they giving a crap when it was their son who was killing someone else’s child?? Nope dont think they were they were celebrating the fact that daddy D.A got his son out of trouble again… They didn’t care one bit that he had just killed someone’s kid… I could save my comments for some other time, but then hey shouldn’t they feel just as much pain as the parents of the kid he shot?…. Or are they above that too…..

    1. people die everyday. evry 7seconds i heard. life goes on. its not only the parents but what about tha mans kids who he left behind. no1 talks about them. parents lived they lives bt the children have to grow up without their dad. all cus of jealousy envy greed or lust.. every1 needs to just mind their own bizz an follow the rules of common sense.

  4. No One deserves to be executed. .. gang bang’n BULLSHIT… too much going on in this world… in our communities… THEY need to man up & use their fists, not be pussys & use guns…. everyone looses…. ~~~gnikcufstoidi~~~

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