Check out this new group how they restore Merced

Restore Merced is about community transformation in marginalized neighborhoods. Restore Merced does that through neighborhood initiatives like the Downtown Kids Club after school program, and coming alongside families in the community to help with various needs. They also focus on economic development, providing pathways to opportunities to those who’ve been previously excluded from them.

This week they launched their Restore Jobs program, a paid work experience program that employs people who’ve been previously incarcerated, homeless, or are in recovery from addiction. Along with the work they provide classes and case management to prepare these individuals for meaningful job opportunities that restore Merced helps them find.

Lastly, they train and equip volunteers and seek to connect people that they believe need to know each other. Many of them who are struggling need a bigger network of people who will support and encourage them.

They also believe the volunteers need to know these hard-working neighbors who for one reason or another have fallen on hard times. Check out their Facebook account

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