Residents wonder what the mysterious smell is in Merced, this is what we found out

Merced Gateway News contacted Merced County regarding the complaint of several Mercedians wondering what that strong odor was in the City limits.

According to the email response, here is more information from The Merced County Health Department.

The Merced County Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health has received complaints regarding a recent odor nuisance in and around the City of Merced.

The cause of the odor was determined to be a large stockpile of chicken manure on an agricultural property near the city limits.

Although the manure has since been spread and the odor eliminated, contact was made with the property owner to inform him of the necessary permits and procedures for such an operation.

The odor did not pose any health hazards.

Spreading manure is a very common practice in an agricultural county like Merced, storage operations need to be within reason and permitted to prevent nuisance situations.

To report a significant nuisance or hazard to Environmental Health, you can call 209-381-1100.

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