Merced Police Chief swears in new Sergeant

Chief Cavallero had the pleasure of swearing in Sergeant Jose Barajas yesterday afternoon.

Barajas began his career as a Reserve Officer in 2012. In September of 2013, he was sworn in as a full-time Officer with MPD. Prior to being promoted Barajas worked in the Detectives Division for one year and the Gang Violence Suppression Unit for 3 years.

Barajas is a member of the Honor Guard team, an Arrest and Control instructor, and an instructor in Strategic Communications.

Barajas’ favorite thing about the job is being able to make a positive impact on the community. As a Sergeant, he looks forward to being able to take what he’s learned over the years and pass it on to the officers he’ll be supervising. In his new assignment, Barajas will be assigned to the Patrol Division.

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