Man who shot Merced Deputy is in Country illegally Vern Said

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office, Merced County Probation and Parole, California Highway Patrol, and Paso Robles Police Department located the Officer-Involved Shooting suspect, 51-year-old Guadalupe Lopez-Herrera.

Lopez-Herrera was found in the city of Paso Robles and a pursuit ensued between officers and the suspect.

Lopez-Herrera was driving the stolen GMC Sierra truck and a spike strip was deployed disabling the vehicle.

As the vehicle came to a stop, Lopez-Herrera shot at officers with a handgun. A K-9 was deployed and Lopez-Herrera was taken into custody.

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank everyone who called in and helped with information regarding Lopez-Herrera’s location.

Thanks to all the allied agencies involvement with apprehending the suspect. Lopez-Herrera is currently being transported back to Merced County and will be booked into the Merced County Jail.

SUSPECT WHO SHOT MERCED COUNTY SERGEANT ARRESTEDGuadalupe Lopez-Herrera has been taken into custody.The Merced…

Posted by Merced County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, September 5, 2019

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15 thoughts on “Man who shot Merced Deputy is in Country illegally Vern Said

  1. You know, stirring up politics with a headline and having no sources(I clicked on the video and watched it all before commenting) is *exactly* why people are no longer trusting news sources.

  2. I am thankful for all of the brave men and woman in our local and county law enforcement agencies and along with people in our community that helped to catch this criminal. I pray for the healing of the deputy who was shot and for the criminal’s wife who was brutally attacked by this criminal. I think this will help shine a light on the problem of illegal immigration we have in our country.

  3. I am glad they cought the man responsible. However I am greatly disappointed as your misleading and suggestive headline. No where does Sheriff Vern state that the man is an illegal persons. He wouldn’t even know if he was or not at the time of the statement. Please give accurately sourced information if you are going to make a claim, this is why young white men are loading up assault rifles and shooting innocent women and children regardless of citizenship or ethnicity. Stop spreading hate and bigotry, stop reporting if you can’t report properly.

    1. I’m glad he was quickly appended but ditto what Tina mentioned and Chris explained. This is just lazy reporting with divisive politics in mind.

    2. Go back to ABC30 on September 5 at 1:30pm and watch the video, then tell the community he did not say it at 8:02

  4. Vern did say it in a press conference. It is in almost every source of news, but the Sun Star. The Sun Star protects Vern and all of his corrupt ways and hides the truth from locals who are too narrow minded to look into other new sources.

  5. I hope he gets the death penalty or at least life. He only gets to be deported after he’s served his life sentence or given his lethal injections, let them bury him back home.

  6. There are a million issues with Vern and the County and City Government. There are deputies that are on probation for domestic violence and battery. They cannot even testify in court against the criminals because they have been “Brady listed.” So the criminals get let got for free. One of them is on the City Council. If you break the law everyone should be punished equally no matter race. Instead of knit picking a guy that volunteers on his free time to report free news, how about you work on the corruption which is the root of the problem.

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