Hard hat tour video of The Merced Tioga Apartments, this is how much it will cost to move in.

Merced Gateway News had the opportunity to take a hard hat tour of the Merced Tioga.

The Tioga is about lifestyle and community, Gorgeous, well-appointed apartments, each featuring a full-size stackable washer and dryer, and energy-efficient climate control units in each room.

Located in the heart of downtown Merced, in a beautiful building that has been a part of Merced’s charm since the 1920s, residents can walk to good restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and entertainment venues, including the Mainzer theater, which is also being renovated and will have an adult Arcade.

Upon the highly anticipated opening of the El Capitan, Tioga residents will also have access to the luxurious benefits of housekeeping services and room service for an extra monthly fee.

With Mainzer, El Capitan, and the visions of local entrepreneurs, we will continue to see downtown Merced grow and thrive, creating a synergy and a buzz that our residents will get to be a part of, and that is inspiring and exciting.

Rent will be starting at $975 and up to $2,200 depending on the floor and outside views.

Visit https://www.thetiogamerced.com/  to schedule a tour or apply to make The Tioga your new home.

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