Big rig overturns in Merced, spills several gallons of milk

On July 17, 2019, at approximately 1:10 pm, the Merced Police Department and the California highway patrol responded to Martin Luther King Jr way Northbound on-ramp for an overturned big rig.

Upon arrival, officers observed the overturned big rig with a tanker-trailer spilling raw milk.

Both Northbound on-ramp and southbound off-ramp were closed to traffic.

Officers reported about 5,000 gallons of milk spilled.

Crews are currently cleaning the area, officers estimated to open the roads back in approximately two more hours.

Police said the driver of the tractor-trailer made a fast turn to the on-ramp and caused it to overturn. No injuries were reported.

Alcohol and Drugs do not appear to be a factor, the collision remains under investigation.

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