On February 20th, 2018, Atwater PD Officer Lee detained three individuals in the 1000 block of Commerce Avenue, after he confirmed that the vehicle he saw them park and get out of was a vehicle that was reported stolen the day prior.

Officer Lee took the initial stolen vehicle report on February 19th and while on patrol near Applegate Rd and Commerce Avenue on February 20th, Lee saw the car matching the description of the stolen vehicle. Officer Lee observed three individuals exit the car and walk into the Subway sandwich shop.

Lee was then able to confirm that the vehicle was in fact the stolen vehicle reported to him on 02/19/18. When they re-emerged, he and other officers detained all three on suspicion of motor vehicle theft. All three subjects were taken into custody and transported to the police station for further questioning.

At the conclusion of Lee’s investigation, two of the three were released from custody however 20- year-old Sabrina Ceccoli-Taylor, was booked into Merced County Jail on one count of possession of stolen property.

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