Numerous live roaches observed at Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant

Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant located at 3144 “G” street suite 155 in Merced, received an “unsatisfactory” score on their inspection that took place on November 1st, 2018. Merced County Department of Environmental Health uses a scale of 1 to 13 points to determine if a restaurant is in compliance (1-6=good, 7-13=satisfactory.)

If a business gets over 13 points, it is listed as “unsatisfactory”. Unfortunately, Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant received a score of (29) points. The following are some of the comments the inspector of the Merced county health department released:

•Observed numerous live cockroaches in the facility. Cockroaches were in between door seals of the refrigeration units, and in between equipment in the back cooking area. The facility was voluntarily closed and must remain closed until the back kitchen area is cleaned and sanitized and pest control services are provided immediately. Health inspector must approve before the facility is allowed to re-open.

•Observed food items sitting directly on the ground inside the walk-in fridge and freezer. Store all food items at a minimum of six inches off the ground at all times.

We drove out to the business today and the business was found to be open. We will try to contact the health inspection department to try to get more information if the business was allowed to re-open.

For a full report of this business click on the following link:

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