Merced Police arrest 5 gang members for Kewl Cats assault on Valentine’s Day

According to a recent report from the Merced Police Department, on February 14th, 2020, at approximately 11:17 officers responded to Kewl Cats located at 1111 Motel Drive, for a report of an assault that took place.

Upon arrival, officers located two men who were assaulted, one was taken to a local hospital for treatment after he was knocked out unconscious according to a witness.

Shortly after the investigation, Merced Police Department’s Gang Violence Suppression
Unit (GVSU)  stopped a van in the 100 block of East 16th Street.

Police say the van was occupied by
gang members 21-year-old Deangelo Arce, 19-year-old Charles Jasper, 27-year-old Andrae Allen, 19-year-old Jaunte Lawrence and 20-year-old Maya Wilkins. During the a search of the van, officers located a loaded handgun.

During the investigation, officers determined that all five gang members were involved in the assault that took place at the Kewl Cats nightclub where they assaulted the victim after a verbal argument.

All five gang members were arrested and booked at the Merced County jail for felony
assault, weapons charges and gang enhancements.

A recent search on shows Kewl Cats has more calls than The Star Club, O’Reighly’s, and The Partisan.

The report shows over a four week period from 01-18-2020 to 02-14-2020 (28 days) and found that compared to the Partisan they only had one call regarding a suspicious person, The Star Club had one call for a disturbance and another for a theft/larceny and O’Ryleigh’s tavern had zero calls. Kewl Kats had a total of seven calls over that period with four disturbance calls and three assault calls.

Merced Police are asking anyone with any information regarding this crime to contact
Gang Violence Suppression Unit (GVSU) Sgt. Rodriguez at (209)385-4710 or GVSU@cityofmerced.orq or the Merced Police Department Tipster Line at (209) 385-

The public can send information via anonymous text messages to the police
department by dialing “TIP411” (847411) and including the word “Comvip” as the
“keyword” in the text message.

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12 thoughts on “Merced Police arrest 5 gang members for Kewl Cats assault on Valentine’s Day

  1. Hi. So my daughters name is maya wilkins. I want to say that my daughter is absolutely not a gang member. My daughter came home from work on valentines and went out later that evening and came into contact with these guys at some point. Now i was not present for whatever went down that night…. but i can say its hard to believe maya was assaulting 2 grown men with a bunch of dudes she barely met….
    i am curious to know the whole story.

    1. If she barely met them, then why was she in a van with them ? 4 guys , 1 girl ..(same van ). I dont think you know who your own daughter is….

    2. Charles is a good kid, and I am sure your daughter is too. This story is blown out of context. I know Charles is not a gang member, he went to private school not charter school, traveled the world but they label him as gang. Keep your head up, we know the truth and this paper will retract this mess.

    3. I agree! People judge a person off of one article that they aren’t even sure the whole story! They’re so fast to make people look as bad as possible instead of trying to help lead in a positive way. It’s so sad. I love maya she’s like a sister no matter how far or how long it’s been I will ALWAYS stand behind her and push her to become a better person.

  2. afterthought : i think my daughters mug shot should be the picture you used to represent her for this story.
    A picture says a thousand words…..
    Where did you find that ridiculous photo of her ?

      1. What caused the statement “5 gang members?” Did they ALL say they’re gang members, was it assumptions? Where is the ACTUAL proof with true facts..?

  3. Charles is not a gang member. Any time more than two blacks or brown together they are called gang members. Merced this is sad. They got on a fight not right two guys against three. That’s it!!

    1. Meant in a fight. Anyone knows Charles lol. Knows he is not in a gang. One Gun, one bullet. It was in the van not on any of these kids. Charles is 19 why was he allowed in the club.

  4. Also I am only speaking about Charles don’t know the other people and I am referring to Charles as a kid don’t want anyone upset and correct me for using the word kid or kids.

  5. “Gang members” is a stretch. How reputable are you trying to be by posting whatever you or the cops assume and no ones been to court yet. Be for the people or call yourself Merced Police News 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. I read that maya did get released the guys are still in custody I know a couple of them they are not gang members I know for them to be good kids just because they see 4 African Americans together they are labeled as gang members not cool.

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