Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) closes their Merced location located at 1616 Martin Luther King Jr Way. It is unknown if they got hit by the health department again and shut them down. According to the Merced county health department they have failed about five times receiving an unsatisfactory score.

The Health Dept. uses a scale of 1 to 13 points to determine if a restaurant is in compliance (1-6=good, 7-13=satisfactory. KFC has been listed Unsatisfactory in 4 out of its last 5 inspections.

According to the City of Merced they will be opening a new location located by Golden Valley High School (Merced, California) Next to a new Arco gas station also opening soon.  There is no date on the opening of the new location at this time, kfc location on olive is open. Stay tuned for new location opening. 

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