On Monday January 22nd, 2018, Jerry Cox’s controversial land case was extended for two more months, following a hearing at the Mariposa County Superior Court. The land-grab case as become high in public interest and even involved more than a dozen protesters marching with various signs through streets headed to Monday’s hearing at the Courthouse in Mariposa.

The case involves the 430-plus acre property known as Bison Creek Ranch (BCR), has several buildings, including a main residence and a guest house. There are also outbuildings, a greenhouse and more. The property was put into receivership by a court order last year, receivership was based of over 100 code violations cited by the Mariposa County.

One of the main reasons for the receivership is the County contended Cox was “running an illegal overnight business.” At one point Bison Creek Ranch did offer overnight accommodations for visitors. However, that stopped several months after the receiver was appointed to oversee the property, then was seized by the receiver.

The judge set the next hearing for Monday, March 19th, 2018 at 2PM, in the Mariposa County Superior Court.


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