This is what our Merced Mayor spoke about in the (I am Merced) event today at the Merced theater located at 301 West Main street. “Winco Foods made a decision to open a new store in Merced. They did a detailed market research and the store was projected to do very well.

The final step of their due diligence was to talk to Merced residents on the street without disclosing their identity as a prospective new store. They asked Merced residents whether Merced was a good place to start a business.

Without exception, each Mercedian stated that it was a horrible place to do business and that they would caution any business from coming to Merced. This was a red flag to them so they pulled the plug on the Merced location.

Our words matter and the way that we carry ourselves matters. Let’s elevate the way that we speak about our home. Merced is a city on the rise and it’s our time said the Mayor. I see Merced as the leader in the Central Valley when it comes to job opportunities, quality affordable housing, good roads, and a high quality of life.

We have the opportunity to hit the ball out of the park on all of these fronts. The work will be hard, but we can do hard things, And it will all be worth it. The way that we speak about ourselves can be constructive or destructive. We control our own destiny and we can do hard things when we work together.

Our city is made up of the sum of many small parts. Groups that work together for change, families that stick together through thick and thin, and individuals that defy the odds and do great things. Be the change that you want to see in Merced. Be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone. Show courageous leadership and don’t wait for someone to invite you.

You’ve heard of some of the great things that are occurring in our city and a vision for the future. I shared that Merced has been good to me, but Merced isn’t about the mayor. It is about each of you. Each of you have a story and each of you have something to contribute.

We’ve covered a lot of ground this morning in terms of updates and next steps, but my real hope for today’s program is that there is someone sitting in this theatre or watching this being streamed online who feels inspired to do something.

You all came here for a reason. Think about that reason. If it was because you want to be informed then I hope this has been helpful. But if it is because you want to be informed and you want to do something to improve our city then I hope you will act on it. #IAMMERCED is all of us working together to make Merced the best city it can be, because we are proud of Merced.

If you heard something this morning that inspired you to give back to your neighborhood or our city or redouble your current efforts, Act on it. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for others to invite you. Consider this your official invitation from the mayor. If you want to get more involved, but don’t know how, go to for ideas. Local resident, Joseph Baker, put together this site for today’s event and will be updating it going forward with additional opportunities.

It is our time Merced. Thank you all very much for coming here today.”

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    1. Yes, I fully agee with less groceries but I endorse more higher end comertial and social life entities. I am resining in Merced since 2018. One dacade was for me enough to establish my strong and the undeniable opinion about provisional character of the town.
      The city needs to seriously persue the awesome, recent trends in redefine itself, via well grounded, tengible project transforming the face and the merit of the place into the higher end city. The blue prints for projects appear fully justify for
      It will attract newcomers and new bissinesses. It will also validate and suit rising academic profile of Merced. Respectively, all of above mentioned, will slowly make a town matching the standards seen elsewhere.
      We need thoughtful designers, and intelligent decision makers. We need public endorsement
      All the effort will be successful by city persevirence and hard work.

      Anna Solak-Sarkar.

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