Two individuals tested positive for COVID-19 work for a contracted sanitation vendor

The Livingston Foster Farms plant located at 1000 Davis Street, Livingston, CA notified Merced Gateway News, that the two individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 work for a contracted sanitation vendor and are not Foster Farms employees.

The statement also says, the sanitation crew perform their duties when the majority of plant employees are not on premise. After being notified, Foster Farms promptly informed its own facility supervisors and plant employees. The plant has been thoroughly sanitized and continuously cleaned as part of the company’s protective measures in place against COVID-19.

“The contract sanitation vendor notified Foster Farms promptly when it became aware its workers were positive, as per Foster Farms COVID-19 policy.

The contract vendor informed its own employees that were scheduled to work at the plant shortly thereafter. The vendor’s employees who tested positive have not been at work since April 30. Foster Farms notifies any company employees within close contact as
defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

No Foster Farms employees were identified as having been in close contact with the sanitation workers, also the allegations on the video circulating online are false”, Ira Brill, Vice President Communications of Foster Farms said.

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5 thoughts on “Two individuals tested positive for COVID-19 work for a contracted sanitation vendor

  1. Really they didnt let the workers know about it for two weeks. For God sake my dad works there and hes in his 50s. This makes me angry that they didnt let the workers know until today or so…

  2. Anyone else wonder why they are doing a huge meeting. So many people in a closed space cannot be safe. They are asking to get more people infected. This is wild. Way to make things worse. I feel sorry for all those who work at that location. Thank you for doing your job and sorry that your were exposed.

    1. They do that meeting every day! I used to work there! The only reason they were informed is because another person that used to work for them is now working for foster farms found out and let them know!!! One of there own floor managers said no need to tell the others working there cause the ones tested positive stoped working once they tested positive! QSI needs their contract pulled!

  3. WTF.. they need to shut this fucking place down. If I catch this shit from someone that works there and bring it home to my daughter’s there will be a fucking law suit..

  4. wow i had no clue i just accepted a job there know i may need to reconsider.. as i just quit a job of 5 yrs due to them not telling us people were positive and then bringing them back to work without a negative test. there needs to be a law put in place for disclosure cant say who confidentiality but at least give people the option, some people think its not as serious then they will choose to work. others just cant take the risk.