Stockton Police officer remebered today, he was a Merced Native

Today, the Stockton Police Department remembered Officer Arthur Parga, Parga died in the line of duty Friday, Jan. 22, 1993, while on the job as a member of the Stockton Police Department’s SWAT team that was assisting CRACNET, a countywide narcotics task force, in serving a search warrant in the 2500 block of Pemberton Court, Stockton at 2:10 a.m.

SWAT members entered the house and were confronted by a resident of the house. Arthur was shot fatally during an exchange of gunfire, the man believed to have shot him, Manuel Medina Ramirez, was killed as drug agents raided the residence .

Arthur was born Feb 21, 1961, in Merced, to Pete Parga and Carolina Perez. Arthur was the youngest of eight children; brothers; Peter and George, sisters; Irene, Carol, Rose and Yolanda.

Arthur grew up in Merced County and attended the local schools; he received an associate of science degree from Merced College, earned an administration of justice degree from San Jose State University in 1984.

Arthur worked for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office for five years before moving to Stockton where he worked for the Stockton Police Department for 3 years. Arthur was married to Lisa Chavez, they had one son and a daughter, Alina who was born seven months after his death.

Arthur was also a member of the National Association of Field Training Officers. He loved golf, volleyball, and baseball.

He was laid to rest at the Plainsburg Cemetery.

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