Pho Zab Lao Noodle House located at 2961 Beachwood drive in Merced, received an“unsatisfactory” score on their health department inspection that took place on February 6th, 2018.

Merced County Department of Environmental Health uses a scale of 1 to 13 points to determine if a restaurant is in compliance (1-6=good, 7-13=satisfactory.

If a business gets over 13 it is listed as “unsatisfactory” Unfortunately Noodle house received a score of (27) During the inspection the inspector observed a bed and pillows used as a sleep quarter. A private home, a room used as living or sleeping quarters, or an area directly opening into a room used as living or sleeping quarters shall not be used for conducting food facility operations. (Except for non-perishable prepackaged food within shelf life the health inspector noted on the list. Also observed dirt, grime, and / or food particle buildup on all cooking equipment. For more of the health inspection issues check out the following pictures.


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