Merced Police looking for man responsible for a robbery

Merced Police are looking for a man responsible for a robbery.

On July 23rd, 2020, Officer Crain of the Merced Police Department made a traffic enforcement stop on 24-year-old Kyle Luiz and a passenger.

Luiz told the officer he was headed to buy a cell phone off of the app “Offer Up”. Luiz and his passenger were released with a verbal warning.

Approximately a half-hour later at approximately 10:30 p.m., the same officer was dispatched to 400 block of La Mesa Court in the City of Merced for a cell phone theft report.

The victim stated that he made plans to sell a cellphone on the app called “Offer Up” to a guy named “Kyle”. When “Kyle” showed up to his house he told the victim that he had been stopped by the police before he got there.

They began to negotiate when “Kyle” grabbed the phone from the victim’s hand and fled on foot. The victim stated the clothing “Kyle” was wearing, the officer said it was the same distinct clothing he had seen him and was driving the same car, Kyle also stated there was another person in the vehicle that was standing by during the transaction.

Officer Crain completed a warrant for the arrest of 24-year-old Kyle Luiz.

Merced Police are asking anyone with any information regarding this crime to contact Officer L. Crain at 209-388-7754 or by email at

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