Merced Health Department, Atwater Federal prison reports COVID-19 outbreaks

More COVID-19 workplace outbreaks have been added to the list according to the Merced County Health Department.

The County reported Merced Razzari Ford and the Hilmar Cheese in Hilmar CA earlier this week of current workplace outbreaks. The Health Department added more outbreaks to the list.

The most current workplace outbreaks in Merced County are now:

  • New Bethany
  • Creative Alternatives (Ranch)
  • Emerald Textiles
  • Migrant Camp
  • ACTenviro Merced
  • Minturn Nut Co.
  • Foster Farms – Livingston Complex
  • Merced County – Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Merced County – Human Services Agency
  • Castle Family Health – Winton
  • Livingston Family Health – Medical Pod
  • Hilmar Cheese Company
  • Psychiatric Care Transitions
  • Hy-Lond Health Care Merced
  • Los Banos Unified School District
  • Razzari Ford Merced
  • McLane Pacific
  • Merced Nursing and Rehab
  • Atwater Federal Prison
  • North Lake Assisted Living
  • Davidson’s Residential Homes
  • Merced County Department of Public Health

Merced County is using the California Department of Public Health’s definition of an outbreak, which includes:

  • 3 or more individuals with no linkage outside of the workplace, working in the same facility and shift; or
  • 1 resident of a skilled nursing facility.

When a facility is determined to be in an outbreak protocol, the Merced County Department of Public Health works closely with the facility to mitigate the spread of disease. Affected close contacts are contacted by the facility/employer.

If you think you may have been exposed, monitor yourself closely for the symptoms of COVID-19.

Two more COVID-19 deaths were added to the list over the weekend, the Merced County Health Department reported on Monday.

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1 thought on “Merced Health Department, Atwater Federal prison reports COVID-19 outbreaks

  1. I think public health officials should have to answer questions about how COVID spread in their department. They are the ones who are supposed to set a good example for the rest of the county. Do they have protocols in place to prevent spread? What are the flaws in the protocols that allowed this to happen?