SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, CA – San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies responded this afternoon, to a call from a community member reporting a suspicious male whom they had a gut feeling did not belong there… and they couldn’t have been more right.

When the country club community deputy arrived in the area he quickly located a male subject matching the description. As the deputy got closer he recognized him as being 18-year-old Rolontae Ivory who was on searchable probation.

The deputy made contact with the alleged suspicious person, Ivory, and asked him, “do you have anything illegal or anything that can hurt me or you?”

Perhaps Mr. Ivory didn’t think a live improvised grenade in his pocket counted when he answered, “No”.

Upon searching Mr. Ivory, not only was a grenade found in his pocket, but two pipes and 5.8 ounces of marijuana that the deputy alleged was for sales purposes.

The grenade was safely placed on the ground and Mr. Ivory was taken into custody and taken to the San Joaquin County Jail where he was booked for being in possession of the two pipes, possession of marijuana for sales, and possession of a destructive device on a highway.

But what about the grenade? Well take a look for yourself on the video.

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