Man kills a family’s dog, the dog was found in a trash can

Madera, CA- On May 6th, 2019, at Around 8:45 pm, Officer Smith was dispatched to the 800 block of South “D” Street.

Upon arrival  Officer Smith was informed by the family that when they arrived home, they observed Ambrocio Hernandez standing near their fence.

Ambrocio was an unwelcome family member because of his history of drug use.  The family said Ambrocio was acting strange and was told to leave their property.

Shortly after, the family noticed a large amount of blood near his Driveway and did not see anyone around. Officer Smith traced the path from the alleyway into the victim’s yard, which led to a trash can.

Officer Smith located the family’s dog in the trash can, it was badly beaten and deceased.

The family’s dog belonged to his young daughter. Police obtained Ambrocio’s vehicle information and a short time later, Officer Cortez located Ambrocio driving in the area of Madera Ave and “G” St.  Ambrocio was found to still have evidence of the crime on his clothing and the tool believed to have been used during the crime was located inside his vehicle.

Ambrocio admitted to the crime, saying the dog wanted to play and he was tired of it, so he killed it.

Madera Police said, this is a perfect example of the paranoia and violence that can occur with extensive methamphetamine use. Ambrocio was arrested for animal cruelty, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

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