Man caught showing genitals and recording girls at Merced Businesses

According to a mother who Messaged Merced Gateway News, this man was caught yesterday recording young girls at Quickly located at 731 East Yosemite Avenue in Merced at approximately 2:30 p.m.

This is a photo of the man recording the 16-year-old girl.

The mother said her 16-year-old called the police and they arrived shortly.

The police came and talked to the man and they just asked him to leave.

The daughter posted about her situation on Twitter, she then found out by another girl that this man also hangs out at the Starbucks located in the same shopping center and she had taken a photo of him with his genitals out of his shorts on July 17th, 2019 but never called police.

The mother of the 16-year-old girl says, this man is possibly a correctional officer at the Atwater Federal Penitentiary and a Golden Valley Football coach, according to people who have commented on the social media post.

Merced Police are aware of the post, they are waiting for any witnesses who have encountered this man to please report it.

The mother is contacting law enforcement today to show police the photo they received from him showing his genitals.

This story is developing, we hope we get more information from the Merced Police Department when this is investigated.

We will release his face photo once we confirm this with law enforcement.

Here is the twitter post

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32 thoughts on “Man caught showing genitals and recording girls at Merced Businesses

  1. He got exposed he was caught,there was the proof handle your business and lock him up get this pervert off the streets and protect your community.

      1. Covington? Really? That’s two totally different situations. Dude isn’t wearing a maga hat and acting like a dumb teenager. He’s got his dick hanging out showing it to underage kids. Good job taking up for a pedo though.

    1. Doxxing someone like this comment is considered cyber stalking and falls under stalking laws in California. Likewise here in America we have a thing called right to due process.

  2. I think the teenage girl have no business taken picture and maybe he didn’t realize his gentian pop out just saying .

    1. Not to defend the guy, but “caught showing” is gonna lead to a libel suit. This guy is gonna not get arrested because recording in public is not illegal, and the exposure requires proven intent. The guy can claim “it fell out,” and I don’t see how anyone can prove otherwise. The guy could then come after this news site for libel and perhaps anyone who posts pics of his dong for doing so without his permission.

      1. I’m sure the security camera footage from that day will have caught him adjusting himself to where it was showing.

  3. In San Francisco it is legal to be completely nude in public. Since the governor of California is from San Francisco, I think we should all call on the governor to make it legal statewide and pardon him.

      1. Go back to work fool, you’ve got count in 12 minutes. I’mma hang out with my Wang out all I want. Especially if it’s gonna be legal!

  4. Sorry folks but it’s only ok when Johnny Knoxville does it. Sadly, only my balls dangle out of my shorts when I sit down

  5. Do a little research and find the uncensored picture then let us know what ridiculous theory you come up with, genius.

    1. All I see is a shitty fuzzy picture. I thought every one had like crazy HD cameras on their phones now?

  6. Wtf t that’s bullshit for the cake ass cops in Merced really u talked to him and just asked him to leave. U should be ashamed of yourself I don’t see how u didn’t arrest him u can clearly see his fuckin dick is out while he’s recording that little girl. All I got to say is I better not see that mother fucker cuz I have 4 girls and all of them are around that same age. Merced police department is a disgrace. I’m gonna walk down the street with one of my tits out of my shirt and when u fuckers stop me talking about indecent exposure I’m gonna tell u ur on crack. U r fuckin stupid ass cops,cuz adjusting ur shit or not that is fuckin indecent exposure plus the fact that he was recording that girl. And yes there r laws about recording minors. Merced is a fuckin joke

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