CHP Memorial Dedication in Merced, this is where the sign will go

Yesterday, July 25th, 2019, the Merced Area California Highway Patrol hosted a Freeway Memorial Dedication Ceremony.

The dedication took place at the Senior Community Center located at 755 West 15th Street.

Many friends, family, community members, State Senator Anna Caballero, Adam Gray, Jim Costa and many more gathered to honor and celebrate the lives of these gentleman.

Both, Officers Walter Frago and Roger Gore were from Merced County, Officer Frago having grown up in Merced, and Officer Gore resided in Snelling.

A section of State Highway Route 99 near Campus Parkway in Merced County leading to the UC Merced has been designated in their memory, thereby making the promise and dedication of these two fine young officers a symbol to the youth of the university campus.

The Merced Area CHP would like to thank all those who attended the ceremony, truly making this a special event.

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