Due to the fire last night July 12, 2018, Owners had to shut down the location for now until repairs are completed. This is what they said on their Facebook page to customers, “With very heavy hearts, we regret to inform our Almond Tree family and friends, the Tree will be closed until further notice, due to an electrical fire. We want to thank the fire fighters who responded so quickly to the situation.

They prevented the fire from not only spreading any further and assuring everyone’s safety but also keeping in contact with management on the situations status. The Almond Tree is a family owned and operated restaurant and as such our employees and customers are a part of our big extended family as well.

To see it empty at the moment due to these unforeseen circumstances breaks our hearts! However, we know with the support, loyalty, and understanding, that each one of you has shown us in the community on this night, we will all get through this rough time together until we can reopen our doors again!!!

Almond Tree management thanks you all, and will do what we can to update you on the progress of reopening as it approaches. Have a great weekend and stay safe!!!”

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