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•In the United States (U.S.), influenza activity has increased significantly over recent weeks

•Influenza is also widely circulating in California.

•In both the US and California, H3N2, a type of Influenza A is the predominant strain

•Mariposa County is also experiencing an increase in influenza-like illness, but Influenza B has been the strain found on testing

•Both the H3N2 (influenza A) strain and the Influenza B that have been found in California are close matches to last year’s strains

•Based on this, the current vaccine should reduce your risk of getting the flu by about half

•It is not too late to get a flu shot and the vaccine is available from the Health Department and pharmacies

•Flu can be serious for everyone, but adults 65 and older are more likely to die or be hospitalized once ill.

•Take action to stop the spread of flu: wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, and stay home when sick.

•Further information is available at

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