Are you an accredited teacher? Become a national park ranger this summer!

Accredited teachers have the opportunity to work for Yosemite National Park. Successful candidates will receive training, a $3,000 stipend, and a Teacher-Ranger-Teacher uniform. The participants spend six weeks working at Yosemite working as a ranger, developing a major educational project, and participating in an online graduate course from CU Denver. The goal of the program is to engage teachers in a deeper understanding of the resources and themes of the National Park Service so that they can return to their schools in the fall and incorporate their new skills into their classroom activities. Summer consists of 80 hours working as a ranger, 80 hours working on a major educational project, 45 hours of online coursework, and 25 hours completing field-based learning opportunities. Successful completion results in three graduate credit hours through University of Colorado.

Before applying, be sure that you meet these basic requirements:
-You are a state-accredited teacher and you are available to work this summer for 6 weeks, 40 hours/week.
-Your school administrator will allow you to conduct in-school programs about Yosemite and the National Park
Service during National Park Week (April 2019).
-You possess the skills to complete the position description. (See below)

2018 Positions
This year, we are looking for teachers who have an interest in:
-Working with our Indian Cultural Program: Work in the Indian Cultural Museum and educate visitors about Yosemite’s first people. Special project includes developing a youth curriculum for this operation . (Based out of Yosemite Valley, must be comfortable talking with visitors and a willingness to learn traditional Indian handwork such as beadwork, basketry etc.)
-Working with our education office and NatureBridge: Co-lead educational programming for youth summer programs. Special project includes redesigning the park’s junior ranger booklets. (Based out of Wawona, must be able to hike at least three miles and must have basic graphic design skills)

How to Apply
Submit a resume, cover letter, and two references via email to no later than April 29, 2018. In your cover letter, please answer the following questions:
1. Which TRT position are you applying for and what experience/skills do you have related to the position description?
2. Why do you want to participate in Teacher Ranger Teacher program?
3. How will you use your TRT experience to enrich your classroom teaching and create opportunities for your students to connect to the National Park system?
4. Describe your familiarity and experiences with local, state or national parks.

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