$5 million Navigation Center approved by Merced board supervisors

Merced Board of Supervisors approved last week the use of $5 million to construct a “Navigation Center”.

Merced County, in cooperation with other local jurisdictions and organizations, is proposing to build an integrated Navigation Center and Homeless Shelter on the site of the former Old Juvenile Hall at 1411 “B” Street in Merced.

The previously approved facility was estimated to be 34,000 square feet, however, after evaluation of the programming and early cost estimates, the size of the facility will now be approximately 15,000 square feet.

This facility will provide shelter, access to services to address mental health needs, vocational training, or other services to return individuals to productive functioning in the workplace and community.

With the desire to construct a durable, energy-efficient and sustainable structure for this facility, staff recommends the purchase of used shipping containers that are remodeled appropriately for an intended

Shipping containers are popular building modules because of the simplicity in which they can be modified in a factory for different occupancies and erected on-site in a much shorter timeframe than conventional buildings.

The shipping containers will have approximately 75 shelter beds.

Construction costs would be paid through the
Alliance grant and California Senate Bill 850 funds. Staff estimates that the navigation center would be completed and operational by October 2020.

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