On January 23, 2018 at 12:27am, the California Highway Patrol requested assistance from The Merced County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit. Deputy Damian Sparks and K-9 Zeke helped track two subjects who took off running from a stolen vehicle after a pursuit.

Deputy Sparks met with CHP officers who pointed out a sweater that one of the subjects left behind. K-9 Zeke began the track in the 1700 block of Flying Circle in Merced and ended up on the mud and debris filled creek behind the residences.

The first subject gave up as soon as he heard the K-9 announcements and saw Zeke searching along the creek. The second subject covered himself in mud and was located wedged under a tree. Zeke bit the subject on the upper right arm after he refused to comply with orders to surrender.

The subject later told Deputy Sparks that he heard all the K-9 announcements however believed he was concealed well enough where he would not be found. Both subjects were found to be on probation for strong-arm robbery and were booked into juvenile hall by CHP.

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