Three accused of stealing over 400 gallons of gasoline from Merced County gas station underground tanks

On June 6th, 2022, the Livingston Police Department took a report from a local gas station that when workers arrived to work they discovered two suspicious vehicles in the parking lot of the business.

The two vehicles were described as a U-Haul Box Van and a black Acura passenger vehicle. It was learned after reviewing video surveillance from the business that in excess of 450 gallons of fuel was stolen. Needless to say this in a huge loss for local businesses.

On June 7th, at approximately 3:00 AM, Corporal Nick Kirk while conducting a proactive patrol in the area because of the theft the previous morning spotted a U-Haul Box Van and a black Acura passenger vehicle at the same local gas station. The hood to the U-Haul van was raised and there was an adult male standing next to it. The black Acura vehicle was parked to the rear of the business acting as a lookout.

It was discovered that the adult male standing outside the U-Haul Box Van was supplying power from the battery to a pump inside the box container.

Inside the box container were two large containers receiving the fuel that was being siphoned from the underground storage tanks. There was a second adult male inside the box container manning the pumps and fuel delivery. An adult female was located inside of the black Acura passenger vehicle acting as a lookout.

Authorities arrested Armajit Singh 36, Tajinder Singh 37, and Ashley Say 36, all from Fresno California. They were all booked into the Merced County Jail on charges of grand theft, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property.

If anyone witnesses suspicious activity such as this they are encouraged to call 911 immediately. With rising gas prices fuel will continue to be a target for this type of criminal activity.

Corporal Nick Kirk assisted by Officer TJ Dhami did an outstanding job with their proactive efforts and investigation.

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