Student finds threats of a shooting in school restroom

Livingston, CA- Parents with students at Livingston Middle School received notification today regarding a report that was made by a student who found writing in one of the student restrooms.

The writing on the tile wall in the student restroom stall stated, “tomorrow there will be a shooting @ 9:15”

The school administration worked in conjunction with the Livingston police department and have found the threat to be unsustained and not credible.

The school said, “We take threats seriously and we are taking an abundance of precautionary measures to ensure our students are safe at school”.

Additional support from the Livingston police department will be on campus tomorrow to assist.

This type of activity causes major school disruptions and will be investigated to identify the person or persons responsible for this act.

If you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Livingston Middle School at 209-394-5450 or the Livingston police department at 209-394-7917.

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