Steven Stayner, Timothy White plaque stolen from Applegate Park in Merced

The Steven Stayner and Timothy White Plaque was stolen from their statue at the Merced Applegate park.

In 1972, 7-year-old Steven Stayner vanished from Merced.

Steven heroically returned 7 years later after escaping with another victim from the alleged child molester.

The plaque that was stolen reads:
“Kidnapped in 1972 as he was walking home from school and told his parents no longer wanted him, seven-year-old Steven Stayner was routinely violated through seven years of captivity. As Steven grew older, his captor’s preference for younger children drove him to
abduct 5-year-old Timothy White. Unaware of the fate now intended for him, Steven’s only thought was to save the new child from unspeakable abuse he had himself suffered. Steven summoned the courage to lead little
Timmy on a desperate flight to safety. Once returned to his parents, Steven took time to educate law enforcement, school, and parent groups on the insidious methods of child sex predators. Steven died at age 24 in a motorcycle accident, leaving a wife and two small children. May this memorial to Steven Stayner’s heroism and to all child victims stand as a beacon of hope to families of children still missing.”

The City of Merced confirmed to Merced Golden Wire News that the plaque was stolen and Merced Police is aware.

Hulu had recently released a documentary about Steven Stayner, Timothy, and their alleged child molester.

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