Mariposa Seargent Deputy Accidentally Shoots Himself

During a low light shooting range training exercise, a Mariposa County Sheriff’s Sergeant accidentally shot himself in the calf with his assigned service firearm.

He was treated by range staff until Mercy Ambulance arrived. This was a non-life threatening injury however he was flown to a Fresno area hospital specializing in gunshot wounds. He was treated and released within hours.

Deputies were participating in firearm proficiencies performing specific “move and shoot” scenarios, working one on one with range instructors.

All Peace Officers are required to show proficiencies in all firearms assigned to them during the course of their duties. Because our patrol staff works at night, we are also required to show those same proficiencies in “low light” (night time) situations as well.

The Sergeant is expected to make a full recovery and return to full duty soon.

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