Man accused of animal cruelty in Merced, cited and released

Merced Police say they cited and released a man suspected of animal cruelty.

Merced Police Department Animal Control Officer Partlow responded to the 1400 block of West 10th Street on Thursday for reports of two aggressive stray Pitbulls roaming the area.

When animal control officer arrived to the area, a large male Pitbull was located and captured, the dog had a large open laceration to the side of his neck.

The injury was consistent with an “embedded collar” injury, Merced Police said. The owner, 51-year-old Stanley Mosby, was located and advised he was aware of the dog’s injury.

Mosby said the dog is usually tied to a tire in his back yard and when he noticed the injury, he cut the dog loose and applied some ointment.

The injury was so severe the dog had to be taken to the veterinarian for treatment.

Mosby was arrested for Willful Cruelty to an Animal, a Felony. Due to Merced County’s Zero Bail policy, he could not be booked for this offense. Mosby was cited and released at the scene.

Merced Police are asking anyone with any information regarding this crime to contact CSO Partlow 209-388-7799 or by email at

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