5-year-old shoots her 9-year-old cousin with a rifle

On December 30, 2018, at around 9:12 pm, the Madera County Sheriff’s Communication Center received a 911 call reporting that a female juvenile was accidentally shot. The call came from someone transporting her to a hospital. Shortly thereafter, deputies received a report from a local hospital of a juvenile who arrived with a gunshot injury.

Deputies were ultimately able to determine that the incident occurred at a residence in the 20000 block of Avenue 6 in Madera. Upon arrival at the scene, Corporal Earl O’Neal and Deputy Marcos Plascencia discovered an unsecured Ruger .22 caliber rifle in a common area of the home. After obtaining witness statements, it was revealed that the 9-year-old female was playing with a 5-year-old cousin inside the home, when the 5 year old gained access to the firearm and accidentally shot the 9-year-old in the back.

The family transported her to a local hospital and called to report the incident. The 9-year-old female is in stable condition, and is currently being treated at a local hospital.

The rifle and all ammunition were collected by deputies. The investigation remains ongoing. Though the incident appears to be accidental in nature, a report was forwarded to the Madera County District Attorney’s Office requesting a charge of criminal storage of a firearm against the owner of the residence.

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