Update: Shooting at Hotel near Golden Valley High School

On July 21st, 2019, at approximately 11:05 p.m., the Merced Police Department responded to 2010 East Childs Avenue at the Merced Inn and Suites for a report of shots fired.

The Photo shows bullet holes at the scene of the shooting

Responding officers were advised that there was a victim who was shot.

Merced Police officers quickly arrived at the scene and taped the area up with crime scene tape.

Glass was also located at the shooting scene

Upon further investigation, officers located several bullet casings scattered in the parking lot just outside the office.

Officers also located several bullet holes on the hotel pillars, including a large plant pot located outside the office.

A man who was only grazed by the bullets refused medical attention, no further injuries were reported.

Police said a vehicle was seen leaving the area possibly towards highway 99.

No description of the vehicle or suspects was immediately available.

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  1. East Alexander shooting the other day was a big response I heard the shots then a bunch of sirens sirens all in minutes

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